Electronic Register

Through this record you can make electronic filing of documents, applications and communications, the formalities and procedures detailed in the Service Catalogue. The presentation of information unrelated to legally approved procedures have no effect and shall not realized.

To use the Electronic Registry is necessary to have an electronic ID or other recognized digital certificate included in the list of accepted certificates and meet all other technical requirements.

The digital certificate can authenticate and ensure the confidentiality of communications between citizens, businesses and other public institutions through open communication networks. It ensures that only citizens can access information avoiding impersonations.

Once the process the user will receive an "acknowledgment" composed of the receipt of the application in pdf format and signature of the server ensures that the transaction has taken place correctly. If you do not receive the confirmation message, if any, you receive an error message or transmission deficiency should be filing another time or by other means.

Legislation by establishing and regulating the Electronic Register.