Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad

The National Diagram of Interoperability establishes the principles and guidelines of interoperability in the exchange and conversation of the electronic information by part of Public Administrations.

The cooperation between the AA.PP, is essential to provide the services to the citizens and guarantee them his right to relate  with them by electronic means. Said cooperation requires some conditions such that allow that the same can carry out fluently for which is necessary that interoperability.

The Law 11/2007, of 22 June, of access of the citizens to the Public Services , establishes the contribution of the interoperability to the realisation of the right of the citizens to communicate  with the AA.PP. Through electronic means; and his article 42 creates the National Diagram of Interoperabilidad.el National Diagram of Interoperability (ENI), regulated by the Royal Decree 4/2010 , of 8 January, it establishes the group of criteria and recommendations that will have to be taken into account by the AA.PP, for the taking of technological decisions that guarantee the interoperability. The ENI has elaborated  to the light of the main referents in matter of European Strategy of Interoperability   and the European Frame of Interoperability .

Royal Decree 4/2010, of 8 January, by which regulates the National Diagram of Interoperability in the field of the Electronic Administration.

National Diagram of Security

The National Diagram of Security that has by object establish the politics of security in the utilisation of electronic means and is constituted by basic principles and minimum requirements that allow a suitable protection of the information.

The citizens trust that the available services by electronic means loan  in some conditions of equivalent security to which find  when they approach personally to the offices of the Administration. Besides, good part of the information contained in the systems of information of the AA.PP. And the services that loan constitute active national strategic. The information and the services loaned are subjected to threats and risks of actions malintencionadas or illicit, errors or failures and accidents or disasters.

La Law 11/2007, of 22 de June, of electronic access of the citizens to the Public Services , it establishes principles and relative rights to the security in relation with the right of the citizens to communicate  with the AA.PP. Through electronic means;  and his article 42 creates the National Diagram of Seguridad.el National Diagram of Security (ENS), regulated by the Royal Decree 3/2010 , of 8 January, it determines the politics of security that has to apply . The ENS constitutes the basic principle of minimum requirements for a protection of the information.It will be applied by the AA.PP to ensure the access, integrity, availability, authenticity, confiancialidad, trazabilidad and conservation of the data, informations and services used in electronic means.

Royal decree 3/2010, of 8 January, by which regulates  the National Diagram of Security in the field of the Electronic Administration